Commit 330a3934 authored by marton bognar's avatar marton bognar
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Experimental change to minus function

parent a0d3a69d
......@@ -18,7 +18,8 @@ minus (Z) _ = (error "You cannot substract zero with a positive number")
minus result (Z) = result
minus (STypeVar h1) (STypeVar h2) = (minus h1 h2)
minus (STermVar h1) (STermVar h2) = (minus h1 h2)
minus _ _ = (error "differing namespace found in minus")
minus (STermVar h1) (STypeVar h2) = STermVar (minus h1 (STypeVar h2))
minus (STypeVar h1) (STermVar h2) = STypeVar (minus h1 (STermVar h2))
generateHnatTermVar 0 c = c
generateHnatTermVar n c = (STermVar (generateHnatTermVar (n - 1) c))
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