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# AutBound: Code generator for abstract syntax trees
## Usage
The executable can be used from the command line with the following arguments:
For example, if we want to generate a Haskell module called `FCoBase` from the FCo specification, using string-based variables, we would issue the command:
autbound "Specifications/FCo.txt" Haskell String FCoBase
This will generate the file `FCoBase.hs` in the current directory.
The following options are currently available:
- `OUTPUT_LANGUAGE`: `Haskell`, `OCaml`
- `VARIABLE_TYPE`: `DeBruijn`, `String`
## Language descriptions
Language descriptions are simple text files. They consist of four different parts:
- Import declarations
- Namespace declarations
- Sort declarations
- Native code
None of these sections are mandatory.
For examples of language descriptions, see the `Specifications` directory.
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