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Use passwords instead of tokens

Tokens get invalidated from time to time. It is therefore better to use
passwords and let listunserv log itself in.

The exact parameters to send to the login form where obtained by
studying the request the login page sends.

The grep | cut | cut commands extracts the login token from the
response after the login. The token is found in the URL of a <meta>
refresh tag.
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# token can be obtained from
# log in and if necessary create a new password
# after login the token should be in the URL or in the URL of any link you click on (it is what comes after 'X=')
# Login password can be changed on
LOGIN_TOKEN=`curl -d @- -X POST <<< "LOGIN1=&Y=${LOGIN_USER}&p=${LOGIN_PASSWORD}&e=Log+In&X=" | grep 'X=' | cut -f 5 -d '=' | cut -f 1 -d '"'`
for item in $LIST
echo $item
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